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Dog Grooming Rugeley

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Dog Grooming

At The Pet Leisure Co., we specialise in dog grooming Rugeley. As a team of passionate dog lovers, we have a wealth of experience.

Our team treats all dogs with the highest level of care and attention in a safe environment. Furthermore, we have all the amenities you need to ensure your pet is always cared for.

For more information about our dog grooming Rugeley, contact The Pet Leisure Co. on 01543 523 805.

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Local Grooming Salon

Here at The Pet Leisure Co., we are local, trusted, luxury dog grooming salon that is dedicated to providing a high standard of service. Each dog deserves the best service available, tailored to their requirements.

Our dog groomers are trained to handle all dog breeds, coat types and carry out a wide range of grooming techniques. We can ensure your dog’s coat, skin, nails and overall hygiene. At The Pet Leisure Co., our groomers understand the unique requirements of each coat type and can provide the best care.

We offer a wide range of dog grooming packages, including:

  • Full Groom
  • Puppy Package
  • Bath & Mini Groom
  • Puppy Package
  • Pawfect De-Shed Treatment
  • Nail Clipping
  • Fresh Breath (Add On)
  • Nose & Paw Balm Treatment (Add On)
  • Mud Bath Treatment (Add On)

Our groomers can also discuss any other requirements you may have.

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The Advantages of Dog Grooming

There are many advantages to choosing a dog groomer. Firstly, regular grooming helps maintain a clean and healthy coat for your dog. Brushing and combing remove loose hair, prevent matting, and distribute natural oils, which keeps the coat shiny and reduces shedding. Grooming also allows for early detection of skin issues.

Grooming helps keep dogs comfortable and hygienic. Trimming long hair around the paws prevents matting and discomfort. Regular nail trims prevent overgrowth, which can lead to pain and difficulty walking. Furthermore, cleaning the ears and eyes removes dirt and reduces the risk of infections, improving overall hygiene.

At The Pet Leisure Co., we use tools, techniques, and products that may not be readily available to pet owners. To add to this, we ensure that all grooming procedures are performed safely and effectively.

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About Rugeley & the Local Area

Rugeley is a market town and civil parish. It lies on the north-easter edge next to the River Trent. There are plenty of things to see and do.

Visit the National Memorial Arboretum, a British site of national remembrance to honour the fallen. As a UK registered charity, the 150-acre visitor site welcomes over 300,00 visitors each year. Hawkesyard Estate is a premier venue for indoor and outdoor events. Dating back to the 13th century, it boasts a fascinating history.

Go Ape Cannock is a fantastic adventure activity for the whole family. Based in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, take in the stunning views as you climb the treetops.

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For more information about our dog grooming Rugeley, don’t hesitate to call The Pet Leisure Co. on 01543 523 805. Alternatively, send us a message via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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