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Dog Training Tamworth

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Dog Training

At The Pet Leisure Co., we provide award-winning dog training Tamworth. We work closely with you to identify the reason for your dog’s behaviour.

With extensive experience, we follow the latest best practice methods. Furthermore, we offer a free initial consultation.

For more information about our dog training Tamworth, contact The Pet Leisure Co. on 01543 523 850.

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Puppy Training Sessions

Our 1-1 puppy training programme ensures your puppy receives full attention. Puppy training offers a wide range of benefits. Firstly, it sets the foundation for good behaviour and manners. By teaching your puppy appropriate behaviours from an early age, you can prevent the development of unwanted habits.

Training sessions also provide an opportunity for communication and bonding. Through consistency, your puppy learns to understand and respond to your commands, cues and body language. This strengthens your bond and trust, establishing a solid relationship built on clear communication.

Basic obedience commands enhance safety and control over your puppy’s actions. Commands such as “sit” and “stay” provide essential tools for managing your puppy in potentially dangerous situations. Another advantage to puppy training is teaching them appropriate bathroom habits and establishing a routine, preventing accidents in the house.

Our training is available in 5-hour or 10-hour blocks.

Dog Care Specialists

At The Pet Leisure Co., we are local dog behaviour specialists. With many years of knowledge and experience, we help owners address their dog training issues and provide positive results. We believe that dogs of all ages and breeds can learn new skills and we can assist a variety of behaviour issues.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals and have different personalities, so we adapt our training to each individual dog. At The Pet Leisure Co., we always work within your dog’s comfort levels. Our classes are ideal for dogs of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Classes are kept 1-1 to enable a high level of attention to your dog. At The Pet Leisure Co., we can help you to develop a better relationship with your furry friend and have a socially, well-balanced companion.

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About Tamworth

Tamworth is a market town, taking its name from the River Tame which flows through it. There are plenty of things to see and do.

Daytona Tamworth is an outdoor go-kart track just 5 minutes from the town centre. With outdoor karting for both adults and children, it’s a fantastic day out. Alternatively, make some fun-filled memories at Drayton Manor. Home to a variety of attractions, roller coasters and a zoo, there is something for everyone.

Step back in time at Tamworth Castle and uncover its secrets within the chambers. See how people lived through the centuries and explore the castle grounds that drop down to the banks of the River Anker.

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For more information about our dog training Tamworth, don’t hesitate to call The Pet Leisure Co. on 01543 523 850. Alternatively, send us a message via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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