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highly recommend! rogue my 5 month old gsd started his puppy training with aiden around 5 weeks ago now and he absolutely loves it! as he is a rescue dog he was very nervous and reactive on walks and meeting new people, but since aiden has been working with him he has slowly become a more confident dog, although still has his moments of being a rebellious little puppy. i can’t imagine how well he will be in the weeks to come!! seriously me and little rogue can’t thank aiden enough.

Maddison Lowe

Teddie started here the middle of October, since then his behaviour at home has changed for the better, the way he greets other dogs is more positive. I've worked with previous trainers who told me some dogs just don't learn, but I believe I just needed to find the right people to help him.
I couldn't thank you Adian enough for helping teddie's socialisation, it really has made a massive difference. Thank you for being super patient with him, he really has changed for the best!!
Highly recommend to anyone!

Phoebe Taylor

We wanted someone to walk our Great Dane weekly and to allow him to socialise with other dogs. Aidan is confident and competent at handling a giant breed. He carefully assessed our needs and Ronnie's temperament out in the real world. Ronnie jumps straight onto the van for his walks and loves having the freedom to play with other suitable large dogs.

Dee Parker

Fantastic and very knowledgeable my puppy is improving on a daily basis, nothing is rushed and the dogs welfare etc is always a priority.
I love watching the videos from the training sessions and I know that Kenzo is in safe hands I highly recommend and it’s fantastic that they now also do dog grooming and teeth cleaning.
Kenzo had an issue with my son and my car and today Aiden was able to resolve the issue and I’m extremely grateful.
My puppy is always happy when he goes for his session and is the same when he comes back.
If you have a problem with your dog or they need a groom then definately get in touch with these lovely people
Aiden is definitely the best trainer around.

Katrina Till

Absolutely amazing 🐾
My friend recommended the pet leisure Co to me as id just adopted a GSD puppy who had some issues. Previous trainers were useless and I was losing hope and my sanity. Aiden came out and assessed Rosie and from then on her confidence has grown 🙌.
Rosie has had weekly sessions for just over a month now and I've continued to socialise in-between. Rosie is picked up from home and then brought back home!! It's all part of the service ⭐🐾
Rosie's reactivity is reducing and I'm amazed at how well she's doing.
Aiden is professional and has the safety and best interests of each individual dog at all times. He deserves more than 5⭐s.
The cost is very reasonable and worth every penny.
I get videos of Rosie in training each time and I update him in between to say how much progress she's making. He's always happy to hear these updates too!!
The pet leisure Co have a variety of services available and each plan is tailored to each individual dog and client. You won't be fobbed off or ripped off.
Give them a try 🙏
Best trainer around 🙌

Sarah Haines

I honestly can not thank these guys enough!! Aiden is amazing how he trains dogs of all shapes and sizes, i got in touch a few weeks back as my dachshund at just 9 months old was very reactive to other dogs, humans, birds… anything really… he was absolutely not aggressive but just barked at everything and anything making it extremely hard to go out with him and my children… aiden knew exactly what to do! With a few puppy training lessons which may i add are brilliantly priced my sully the sausage is like a different dog with collection and drop off i had not to worry about anything!! Apart from my dog being trained the best way he can be now… he is an absolute gent, Aiden would come back and show me videos he would show me everything that had been done that day… i could not ask for a better company to of helped me my dog and my family!! it was to hard at 7 months pregnant to train my dog myself and i Im no dog trainer i have no idea what im doing! Therefore i 100% recommend the pet leisure co! I will be continuing to use them for dog walks and also boarding for when i need it!! Thankyou guys so much again i am absolutely over the moon xx

Ella Victoria

I cannot thank this company enough especially Aidan ! Not only for taking on a on xl bully puppy that no one else would but for helping me so much and going above his job role to make my life better with Kobe ! Kobe has had 3 sessions with Aidan and already there’s a massive improvement in walking him , being calmer around other dogs and just a joy to be around ! I will continue to use this company for as long as I can as I fully trust them with my puppy and you get results you want

Rebecca Harrison

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