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Walk & Train
1 hours £65 (includes pet taxi service)

Born from our traditional pet walking service. Walk & train offers the same health and enrichment benefits but also allowing us to deliver award winning bespoke training.

After a FREE of charge consultation we will take the time to discuss and understand your goals for your much loved companion then we make your goals a reality completing a full hand over and update of your dogs progress after every session.

We understand the time constraints of the modern day dog owner and see no reason why you should spend hours stood in a cold windy field while a trainer talks dog jargon at you. Let our walk & train service take the stress and pressure of dog training away.

Puppy Training 1-1 £50 per hour
Available for puppies up to 13 months old

Group puppy training classes you may as well throw your money into the wind. Group Puppy training is exactly what it says on the tin “GROUP” training. But your puppy is an individual from a specific breed or mix of breeds with his/her own personality and genetic traits. Our puppy training doesn’t just take into account the basic tricks like sit, down and stay we look at the bigger picture and although basic commands are important, we know to have a confident adult dog we need to put the foundations in place to make that possible. We will guide your puppy through all of the bellow leaving you with a puppy that will be confident to go through life without nervousness.

Adult Dog Training Packages

  • 10 Session Course: Our comprehensive plan, at £550, provides a savings of £100 and is designed for in-depth training and long-term behavioral improvements.
  • 5 Session Course: Our comprehensive plan, at £550, provides a savings of £100 and is designed for in-depth training and long-term behavioral improvements.
  • Residential Training: £500 per week. Leave your dog with us while they are treated like one of the family. Not only will they get a holiday like experience they will receive 1-1 training from a multi award winning dog trainer guaranteeing results.
  • In Home Problem Solving: £200 Our in home training service is meticulously crafted to provide not only hands-on training sessions but also an educational experience for pet parents. Our trainers will guide you through each step of the process, offering live, practical demonstrations and actionable strategies to tackle any behavioural issues your pup may exhibit. Every session is accompanied by a detailed, step-by-step written report, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to consistently implement effective training techniques even after our visit.
  • General commands (sit, down, leave etc)
  • Correct socialising
  • Noise desensitisation
  • Environmental training
  • Real world scenario training
  • General Manners

Puppy Training Courses

We also provide courses for our puppy training available in 5 hours & 10 hour blocks. All courses include certification and passing out day trip to a local police dog training facility where we test everything we have taught your puppy over the duration of their course.

5 hours £230
10 hours £450 (includes graduation custom collar)

We also offer the following puppy training packages

5 Session Course: For £250, this comprehensive plan is tailored to your puppy’s specific needs, covering all the essentials over a series of sessions.

10 session Course: Our extensive package, priced at £450, provides a complete training experience with a savings of £50. It’s ideal for thorough and consistent training outcomes.

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